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For a long time I've been interested in my family history and the story's that have been passed down by various family members. Rather than hiding the information away in a cupboard I thought that it would be fun to produce a website of my research. This is work in progress and I plan to keep adding information. I welcome any contributions. At the moment most of information on the website goes back as far as my great grandparents, which may not seem very far back, but I wanted to include their histories not just a timeline of dates. I have split the website into several sections each one covering a different part of my family's history. Some of the sections are linked to one another or to more detailed themed sections. During my research I have contacted a number of people and I would like to thank them for their help. I have used some family photographs on the website and I ask that you respect the fact that these shouldn't be copied or reused without asking permission.

Julius Sandtmann

Born in Hamburg, Julius spent a lot of his early adulthood travelling and working in Europe. In 1883 he boarded the streamship SS Ruapehu in London for Otago, New Zealand. Julius spoke several languages fluently and had a keen business mind.

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North Russian Expedition

In 1918 the Allies became involved in stopping the Bolshevik forces in North Russia. Over 20,000 Allied troops were sent to the areas around Murmansk and Archangel. Roy Stock was part of the Seaplane Squadron that was based around the town of Troitsa on the North Dvina river.

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Member of Parliament

Jack Watts was a member of the New Zealand parliament from 1943 until 1960. He became a member of the cabinet in 1949 when he was appointed Minister of Health and Social Security. He became the 'third man' in the New Zealand government in 1954 as Minister of Finance.

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