Roy Stock: Service record

Roy Stock

I have tried to find all the dates I could but he was moved around a lot during his early training so some of the dates may not be very accurate.

Date of entry into Air service: 24th October 1917, age 17 (he lied about his age in order to join up).

Promotions: 24th October 1917 Probationary Flight Officer

His training to be a pilot started when he left school, Caterham, Surrey, and went to the Royal Naval College at Greenwich in October 1917.



  • 24th October 1917 to 20th February 1918, Greenwich
  • 22nd February to 24th March 1918, Vendôme, France
  • 30th-31st March 1918, Calshot
  • 31st March to 7th May 1918, Lee-on-Solent
  • 7th June to 18th October 1918, Central Flying School, Upavon
  • 18th October 1918 to 4th March 1919, Yate ((W)ARD attached to ARS for temporary duty as Camel pilot)
  • 6th March based at Lee-on-Solent
  • 30th November 1918, Whitney for temporary duty 3(W)
  • 9th April 1919, 10 group (refresher course)
  • 15th April 1919, HMS Pegasus
  • 7th May 1919, Sailed for Archangel
  • October 1919, returned from Archangel
  • 11th November 1919, Demobbed