Archangel, or Arkhangelsk, lies on both banks of the Northern Dvina river near its exit into the White Sea in the far north of European Russia.

At the end of the 19th century a railroad was built linking the city to Moscow and the city became an important port for the export of timber. During the revolution it resisted Bolshevik rule and became a stronghold of the anti-Bolshevik White Army.

During the North Russia campaign Archangel was used as a staging post for the Allied armies.

scan 2:8b
Archangel as seen from the sea front.
scan 2:8d
A market in Archangel.
The harbour with HMS Garth Castle in the distance.
scan 2:7c
HMS Garth Castle.
scan 2:32c
Archangel seen from HMS Pegasus.
scan 2:32d
Troop ship.
scan 2:32a
Troop ship leaving Archangel.
scan 2:32b
SS Czar leaving Archangel.