HMS Pegasus


HMS Pegasus.
HMS Pegasus.

Launched: 9th June 1917
Completed: 14th August 1917
Builder: John Brown & Co, Clydebank
Displacement: 2,070 tons; 3,315 tons deep load
Dimensions: 332ft overall x 43ft max beam x 18ft max draught
Gun armament: 2 single 3in AA; 2 single 12 pdr AA
Complement: 258
Flight deck: 82ft x 28ft forward landing platform
Hangar: Forward 40ft x 40ft x 20ft; Aft 80ft x 40ft x 20ft
Aircraft: 9 seaplanes and wheel fighters
Air weapons: 18in torpedoes; light bombs; 303in gun ammunition; flares and pyrotechnics

Summary of service

27th February 1917: Purchased by the Admiralty
May 1919: Deployed to Archangel in support of Allied campaign; air group at this time comprised of Fairey IIICs
September 1919: Returned to UK
22th August 1931: Sold and broken up at Morecambe

Flight crew onboard HMS Pegasus.
scan 2:20a
Gun practice on HMS Pegasus.
scan 2:20b
After the “odd spot”.