Roy Stock was stationed here: 18th October 1918 to 4th March 1919.

Murmansk, originally known as Romanov-on-the-Murman, was founded on October 4, 1916. The city is the only ice-free port in the Russian Arctic and was built as a terminus for the railway line supplying the Eastern Front during the First World War. The city was renamed Murmansk after the February Revolution in 1917.

During the North Russia campaign the Allies used Murmansk as a stopping point for troops on their way to Archangel.

Ice in the White Sea, May 1919.
scan 2:20c
Cameras out!! Ice sighted on starboard quarter.
Roy Stock, Lt Redman and Lt Ivermee onboard HMS Pegasus.
scan 2:34a
Store hut on fire Murmansk.
scan 2:34c
French soldier with bear.
scan 2:6b
End of the paper chase at Murmansk.
scan 2:18d
HMS Glory at Murmansk.
After revolver practice at Murmansk.