Troitsa is a small town situated on the banks of the North Dvina River a few miles south of the junction with the Vaga River.

The town was used as a based for the Seaplane Squadron. The Dvina River in that area was relatively shallow and had sand banks and islands which could be used to launch the seaplanes.

On 10th August 1919 Allied forces successfully repelled a force of Bolsheviks in what was to become known as the Battle of Troitsa.

scan 2:19e
The cliffs of Troitsa. HQ paddler on left.
scan 2:11d
Seaplane squadron at Troitsa.
scan 2:4c
Taking a Short out for test – Lt Stock, Lt Coveny.
scan 2:16c
Troitsa from Seaplane beach.
scan 2:6c
Kite Balloon barge.
Kite Balloon at Troitsa.
scan 2:7d
scan 2:29b
S.S.B.2 towed down river by Stepdance.
scan 2:29c
HMS Hydrobad and HQ Paddler.
scan 2:33a
HMS Monitor, HMS Mantis and HMS Moth.
scan 2:33c
Kiter Ballon at Troitsa.
scan 2:19c
Lt. Callard’s crashed F3c at Troitsa.
scan 2:6a
“A” Flight leaving Troitsa.