Gwendolyn Grange’s ancestors

Below is a list of Gwen Grange’s ancestors.

Gwen’s parents were Agnes Maud Trengrove and James Rupert Grange.

Agnes Maud Trengrove (born 13th November 1887, Dunedin):

William Henry Trengrove, born in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1866. His occupation is listed as Butcher.
Margret Thompson, born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1868.
They married in Dunedin on 23rd June 1887.

James Rupert Grange (born 16th October 1887, Studholme Junction, Waimate):

Thomas Nesbit Grange, born in Belfast, North Ireland, in 1858. His occupation is listed as Railway Stationmaster. He died 5th February 1940 in Wellington.
Isabella Watt, born in Waikaura, Oamaru, on 29 December 1864. She died 24th July 1950 in Christchurch.
They married in Waikaura on 13th May 1884.

Thomas Nesbit Grange’s parents: Thomas Grange and Jane Lennox. His occupation is listed as Engineer.
Isabella Watt’s parents: James Watt and Catherine McDonald. His occupation is listed as Farmer.