Flesh D-Vice

1982 – early 1990

Band members: Richard Watts – Bass, Brent Jenkins – Drums, Eugene Pope – Guitar, Gerrald Dwyer – Vocals

Flesh D-Vice playing at Newtown Community Hall, Saturday 2nd April 1983.

Richard Watts joined Flesh D-Vice as their bass player in 1982 after leaving the Neoteric Tribesmen. Flesh D-Vice were part of the new punk ‘Oi’ scene in Wellington and played a mixture of hardcore punk and metal. The band had both a punk and skinhead following.

Richard left in 1983 just after the release of the ’12 Inches of Hard Flesh’ LP.

Gerrald and Richard playing at Newtown Community Hall, Saturday 2nd April 1983.

I remember going up to Auckland to play a concert with some local punk bands. There was quite a group of hangers-on that came with us. We hired a mini-bus and spend most of the journey drinking and causing mayhem. Eugene had a court appearance so was going to fly up the next day but unfortunately he missed the flight so we couldn’t play. We stayed at someone flat in the middle of suburbia. The neighbours complained about the noise and called the police who told us to leave town or get arrested. We ended up at the concert anyway and unbeknown to us the Auckland skins had been planning a big brawl with us. So there was a massive fight at the concert and we all came back with black eyes – including my girlfriend.

Flesh D-Vice playing at Charlies Strip Club 1983.

Once we played at Charlies Strip Club in Cuba Street. There was a stage for the girls to perform on and we played on that. Towards the end of the gig a group of Taiwanese fishermen turned up looking a little bemused. They were obviously looking for a different type of entertainment.

Flesh D-Vice went through several bass players and in 1984 released a second full-length LP called ‘Some Blood Stained Morning’. The band also appeared on several compilations including the ‘Capitol Kaos’ album.

Flesh D-Vice split in the early 1990’s and Gerald Dwyer went on to become the manager of Shihad and HLAH. Gerald died in 1996 of a heart attack.

Gigs (that I have a record of):

FleshD-ViceAd01Underground Emerges, Maatauranga Hall, Aro Valley
January 1983, with Riot 111, First Fifteen, Aftershock, Vietnam, Ladies Toilet, Final Solution, Suspect Device

Golden Showers, Newtown Community Hall,
2nd April 1983

Charlies Strip Club

Rawa House


FleshD-ViceLP12 inches of Hard Flesh:
Baby On My Mind
Dead Girls
War Boots
Fuck Off Embarrasment
Friday Nites
Desolation Dogs
Kill That Girl